"Proven lighting where it is needed, when it is needed"

To develop and optimize luminaires to assist at evacuation using LED technology have been our main focus since we started the company in 1993.

We have manufactured escape route signs and markers to several road- and train tunnels in Scandinavia, Germany and Netherlands.

Gradually we have developed and manufactured escape route markers for use in rough environments. We know the special demands that are put to all kind of equipment to be installed in infra structure constructions. We are now offering a wide range of products suitable for use in tunnels, public transport centers or in specific industrial installations.

The present range is designed and constructed to be safe, quick to install and maintenance.

All housing and brackets are made of stainless steel EN 1.4404. Connecting cables are approved according IEC 60332-1. Driver family 91 is two pole fused and is equipped with ceramic connectors for safe wire through installations.

The design is optimized to be quick to install and maintenance. Quick connectors IP 68 are offered as an option.

Lars Hallams

Lisol Infra AB