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Effect lighting for public spaces
Made in Sweden

Lisol ice led light is our series of exciting effect lighting for both indoor and outdoor environments. As in our other products, we use exclusively LEDs as light sources.

Thanks to our long experience and proven technology, we can manufacture luminaires that provide excellent light distribution and luminance, which is reflected in a bright but evenly illuminated surface, whether or not it is edgelit or illuminated. The method produces extremely small transmission losses which make the products energy efficient and ensure a very long service life.
In addition, our method means that the luminaires are completely solid, without any cavities where condensation problems can occur. This also makes them very durable and particularly suitable for use in environments where maintenance is costly.

Västerlånggatan, Borås, Sweden

A challenging project where our Lisol ice line fitted directly into the granite blocks that line the canal which now adorn parts of Borås center. The fitting of the fixtures is completely hidden from the front.

Järnvägstorget, Hässleholm, Sweden

We are proud to have designed, manufactured and delivered the effect lighting that adorns the newly completed Railway Square in Hässleholm. Lisol ice Line, recessed in a ground cassette with corner segments in radius giving the impression of glowing miniature railway tracks in the cobbled square surface.

Hjälmarekajen, Malmö, Sweden

The fixtures we have delivered to Hjälmarekajen adorns one side of the site cast concrete blocks in which a mounting cassette was in place during casting.
This is a tough environment for light fixtures, but we are confident that our product will work and spread its light for decades before exchange is needed.

Trelleborg C, Trelleborg, Sweden

The old roundhouse at Trelleborg C turned to a square but preserve desired contour from the old rotating plate where the trains could be reversed. Our Lisol ice line adorns the 18m diameter circle. Each armature segment is in a solid radius and surface layer in tempered glass and stainless acid-proof steel, which made this project a challenge. A mounting cassette was in place during the paving, and in it runs all the connecting cables and splitters.